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    Reuben Vandeventer

    Reuben Vandeventer

    President and Chief Data Strategist

    Mr. Vandeventer has been driving progress and helping to shape the data space for more than a decade, across many industries including Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Insurance and Asset Management. As the data space has rapidly evolved over the last few years, his background in science, statistics and finance has created a robust foundation to create real economic value for organizations in new and innovative ways.

    Throughout his career, he has served in key strategic leadership roles for some of the top financial services organizations in the world. In these roles, he has developed a repeatable way to analyze, study and design data communities (people that are accountable & care about data) that have revolutionized each of the respective organization’s to which they were designed & implemented.

    Mr. Vandeventer has a Bachelors of Science with focus in Microbiology from Indiana University, an MBA from the University of Indianapolis with focus in Finance.  He has been a speaker at regional, national and global conferences on the many aspects of data analytics and leverage, most recently he was a keynote speaker for the nations largest data conference and most strategic track, the Enterprise Data World – CDO Vision series.  In this talk he combines all aspects of managing the data supply chain, and provides additional insights into how metadata can be leveraged to quantify and visualize the value of an organization’s data.  For more information on this recent presentation, please click here.

    Reuben Speaks

    Speaking Events

    Speaking Topics

    • Advanced and Big Data Analytics for Data Valuation
    • Machine Learning & Topological Analysis for Rapid Data Discovery & Valuation
    • The Office of Data & responsibilities of the CDO in managing the organization’s Data Supply Chain
    • Creating the ‘Data Exchange’: an amazon like experience that enables data community members to shop for, explore, socialize, share, purchase and consume all the data assets that are important or interesting to them
    • Advanced concepts in Data Governance Operations, Metadata Management, Data Quality Analysis & Management, Data Intelligence, Data Valuation, Data Monetization and Managing the Data Improvement Portfolio Management