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    Metadata Management

    Uncovering and Leveraging Data Value through Metadata Management

    Metadata management is one of the least understood, yet most central, disciplines involved in improving data quality. At Data Clairvoyance, it’s one of our specialties. In fact, we believe it is the linchpin between data governance and data quality initiatives.
    The reality for many organizations is that metadata initiatives tend to underperform, generally for one of two reasons. One is that an organization hasn’t yet established what it wants or needs to know about its three types of data assets — logical, physical and conceptual. A second possible reason is that it takes too narrow a view, treating metadata management more as an IT exercise than a vital business process. In most cases, these organizations end up with a sunk cost for a technology investment that never lives up to expectations.
    We take a different and more holistic view. We begin with the belief that the goal of metadata management is to create the equivalent of a general ledger for an organization’s data assets. Based on that core belief, we implement our proven methodology with a careful development of a meta repository and metatag strategy, facilitation of focused meetings of data stakeholders, and the acquisition of all the essential types of metadata that matter to the organization.

    Features & Benefits

    Proprietary Metamodel – We integrate our metamodel within your existing metadata solution, enabling it to acquire and store metatags from a variety of sources.
    Expert Facilitation – We conduct face to face meetings of data stakeholders to gather all the required types of metadata, including business, technical/core, data quality, people, and search.
    Highly Focused Testing – We design and run experiments to determine how to best integrate metadata in data quality efforts throughout your organization.
    Better Collaboration – We implement customized social/collaboration tools and techniques that create easier ways for your users to work together.
    Greater Leverage – We consult on a broad array of additional uses of metadata, including strategies for data monetization, monitoring for data leakage and more.

    In short, we make metadata management work by approaching it as a critical business process that illuminates and leverages your metadata’s immense value. To learn more, please contact us.