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    Data Remediation & Cleanup

    Expert Data Remediation of Every Type and Dimension

    Bad data is an avoidable annoyance to users at every level of an organization — but it can also lead to far more toxic situations. Management may not have accurate information on which to make decisions, incomplete information may be provided to regulators, and cash flow may be negatively affected by the need to address ongoing problems, to name only a few examples. For organizations going “all in” on data science, it’s even worse: they may be doing little more than building a way to make bad decisions faster.

    Fortunately, we have expertise in doing data remediation and data cleanup to determine not only where data problems exist, but also in removing them efficiently and preventing them from recurring. Depending on your organization’s needs and preferences, we can follow our normal methodology — developing a strategy, testing to quantify the problem, and then diagnosing and fixing it. Or, if you prefer, we can perform all but the last step, and leave the actual remediation to your internal staff.

    Our services include, but are not limited to:

    • Addressing Data Anomalies – We collect data users’ insights and convert them into testable requirements to generate quality metrics for each test, column, table, data asset, and business data element (BDE).
    • Data Standard Development – We create new, value-based standards to prevent or limit any anomalies considered serious, and conduct tests to monitor success.
    • Consultation on Data Improvement Tools – We provide unbiased guidance on selecting and implementing data improvement solutions, based on your particular needs.
    • Flexibility in Focus – We can structure data remediation and data cleanup solutions to address specific issues, such as a problematic Data Certification Ratio of uncertified to certified BDEs, or the DCRs of data elements within a certain subject area or business data cohort.

    Whatever the nature of your organization’s data quality issues, we have the data remediation expertise to effectively remediate the problem. We’re ready to learn about your data concerns and discuss ways we can address them efficiently and effectively. To learn more, please contact us.