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    Data Intelligence

    Real-time Insights into Data Quality and Value across the Enterprise

    To help your organization become truly data-centric, our Data Intelligence service provides a natural next step following Data Governance Operations, Metadata Management, and Data Quality Management initiatives.

    We utilize a variety of proprietary technology and analytic algorithms to create a layer of intelligence that aggregates all gathered metadata and functions on top of the meta repository. Our solution features advanced data analytics to enable users to make better and more accurate predictions about the quality of data, wherever it resides within the organization.

    This unique resource provides users throughout your enterprise with real-time access to all the metadata gathered during the earlier phases — and the ability to provide real-time feedback on the data, so that it is constantly being refined and made even more valuable.

    Features & Benefits

    • Real-time Feedback on Data. We enable data users of all types to use data intelligence to make better data-based decisions.
    • Central, Powerful Resource. Functions as an intelligence layer on top of the meta repository, containing all previously gathered metadata.
    • Actionable Insights. Proprietary technology and algorithms generate data scorecards and dashboards, giving users baseline quality metrics such as Data Certification Ratios and others.

    We have deep expertise in helping clients close the loop in their data quality initiatives by creating data intelligence solutions that enable continuous feedback and collaboration. To learn more, please contact us.