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    Data Governance

    Expert Guidance in Establishing and Enforcing Data Policy

    At Data Clairvoyance, we regard Data Governance as one of our core services. In fact, we see the discipline as the basis for all other data improvement activities. For truly data-centric organizations, data governance delivers:

    • Less data redundancy and improved data meaning and purpose
    • Better accountability and transparency into data assets
    • Better decision making based on more accurate data
    • Greater control over compliance risks
    • Strengthened data security and policies
    • Improved ability to monetize data
    • Reduced re-work and optimized staff effectiveness

    We provide a variety of services related to data governance, including:

    • Development of new data governance plans or improvement of existing ones
    • Customization of our Data Governance MetaModel to develop metadata business intelligence
    • Support for an Office of Data in enforcing a data governance plan
    • Facilitation of data stakeholder teams to gather insights into data assets
    • Assistance in developing data strategies within strategic planning purposes
    • Consultation on selection and use of data governance tools
    • Automated, real-time analysis using our unique data KPIs

    We have the expertise needed to help your organization strengthen its data governance program and resources, enabling maximum leverage over your data. To learn more, please contact us.