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    Our Data Management Services Drive Greater Quality and Value.

    We offer a range of data management services that can be customized to the needs of each client. At their core, our services revolve around the concept that data is an asset with real financial value — and a key part of our mission is to improve its quality in ways that are measurable. Equally important, we’re focused on creating data management solutions that lead to more efficient processes, reduce operating costs, or achieve other strategic goals.

    Our methodology approaches data management as a series of challenges. We often begin by utilizing tools and processes to create an inventory of an organization’s data assets. We have also developed a comprehensive methodology for facilitating face-to-face interactions with our client’s data user community to acquire the metadata necessary to understand how the data actually is used. In addition, our data management services allow us to efficiently determine where overlaps and inconsistencies occur, and ways to resolve them.

    In most of our service implementations, our engagements follow a proven, three-step framework.

    Strategy. We begin by developing a strategy, customized to your specific situation and needs, for implementing the given capability.

    Organizational Experimentation. Next, we create scenarios to collect quantitative operational data about each new capability, process and technology through actual interactions with your own people and data.

    Diagnosis & Resolution. Last but not least, we review results to diagnose where gaps may exist — whether in your organization’s people, processes, technology, or data — and then implement the most effective solution.

    Meanwhile, in our Data Intelligence and Data Remediation & Cleanup services, we follow a model that more closely aligns with technical development activities (design, development, test, implement).

    Our experience in providing data management services also allows us to provide value on an organizational level, by helping to create and stand up an Office of Data — an entity that can serve as a broker of data between its creators and its users. We invite you to learn more about our specific services by clicking on the links below.