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    Data Quality & Value

    Data Quality & Value

    Creating an Office of Data to Optimize Data Quality

    Improving data quality is a systematic, strategic process that can add significantly to an organization’s bottom line — if planned and executed correctly.

    In our new guide, “Creating an Office of Data to Optimize Data Quality,” we explore essential concepts involved in data quality, define key processes involved and discuss pitfalls to avoid. In six chapters, you’ll learn how to:

    • Create an Office of Data to serve as a broker between data creators and users
    • Identify eight warning signs that your data governance plan needs work
    • Effectively select and manage data stewards
    • Use insights into data lineage to identify opportunities for improvement
    • Avoid the most common problems that arise from data quality issues

    If you’re seeking to improve the quality of the data your organization uses on a daily basis, this guide will help you get started.