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    The human factor of data

    Data as an organizational category is certainly not a new thing.  However, the way in which people have thought about, referenced, used and managed data is quickly changing in almost every industry.  This highly correlated relationship between data and people is often the most overlooked factor when trying to improve the many aspects of an organization including business process improvement, software development, business intelligence, analysis and strategic decision making.  As discussed in one of our other articles, The Paradigm Shift, data can be observed as the lowest common denominator between people, tools and process.

    With both process and technology, the relationships between them are fairly black and white.  But with people, relationships become very grey, ambiguous and they constantly move.  The people category is one of the most significant that over time will lead to very expensive data to maintain, which ultimately leads to:

    • an non-optimized data management organization that can’t meet its demands for new “big-data” types of requests from the business
    • an inadequate SDLC process that doesn’t deliver anything on-time
    • lack luster profitability due to being beat by the competition on market share

    Data Clairvoyance has created an analytical model and methodology that helps an organization visualize the relationships between data and people, and more importantly, what matters most to each of those people.

    Our business analytics function very similar to how marketing professionals study a market to understand what it wants, how much it is willing to pay, what delights it and what irritates it.  By analyzing the relationships and studying the likes and dislikes of the “data market”, it helps your organization to focus, in a very detailed and practical way, to improve the data that will have the highest return for your organization.

    In the later steps of our methodology, you will learn that there are two general types of ROI that can be driven through our methodology — revenue growth or cost optimization.  Through our methodology and the incredibly unique tools that we provide during any service engagement, your organization will be able to track and visualize investments and return from the moment of inception all the way to realization.

    If you’re interested in learning how Data Clairvoyance’s data asset valuation methodology can help your organization, contact us today!


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