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    Data Intelligence Brings a New Angle to Corporate America

    Businesses have been aware for some time of the numerous benefits to mining data about consumer habits and consumer preferences.  The more you know about your customer’s behavior patterns, the easier it becomes to tailor your customer’s experience to provide him or her with the best product possible and strengthen the relationship between your business and your customer.


    Now, what if you had the same kind of knowledge about your employees?


    Ross Lazerowitz and Paul Duan, the founders of Obelisk Technologies, have discovered that data mining can be just as fruitful when turned to employee behavior patterns as when focused on consumer behavior patterns.  Their promising start-up is developing software (for release in early 2014) that lets data scientists analyze how knowledge is distributed among a company’s employees.  Armed with this data, analysts can evaluate a company’s employee morale, the effectiveness of its training programs, and even the employee preferences for some business decisions over others. 

    The distribution of knowledge within a company’s structure is a key component of its success, particularly in the software industry.  As data mining applications begin to look inward for useful data, corporate intelligence may begin to examine the ways in which employees relate to each other just as closely as it examines the ways in which customers relate to their favored companies.

    Data Clairvoyance takes a keen interest in data science developments which allow businesses to turn a technological advantage into a competitive one.  Feel free to contact us and find out how we can put the latest in data science technology to work for your company.

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