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    How Customer Intelligence Helps Companies Gain the Advantage

    Customer intelligence (CI) is a new, emerging method for  gathering  and analyzing information about your customers. The information that is gathered is then used to build stronger relationships with consumers. Customer relationships then form the foundation for brand management and market positioning of any company.

    Customer intelligence is relatively new to some industry professionals. Therefore, the processes involved in a true CI program have not fully saturated marketing industry at large. This article will provide you with more specific insights into how the process of customer intelligence works. It will also give you some idea of CI can be used to leverage your specific goals.

    Customer intelligence information is compiled from customer interactions on voice and non-voice customer service channels. This information is stored on corporate database management systems as well as call center and sales systems. External data is gathered from many sources and generally fall into three categories; personal demographics, geographical demographics and attitudinal data.

    1. Personal demographics are gathered. This includes the ages of your customers, their income and debt levels, educational level and even marital status are tracked and analyzed for purchasing patterns. The CI approach to analyzing demographic information can also identify groups that are not purchasing items. As a result, companies can develop campaigns that respond to their actual consumers in a more specific manner.

    2. Geographical demographics entail information about where the customer is from. This information is a great help when it comes to planning marketing campaigns and choosing product distribution points. Just as in the case of personal demographics, geographical data allows a company to more accurately target their campaigns and investments.

    3. Attitudinal data notes the feelings of a customer or potential customer. The way your customers feel about your brand is arguably the most important of all metrics. Analyzing consumer sentiments helps companies to stay in tune to a consumers real need. Consumer sentiments may often provide companies with ways to improve their product, delivery methods, and more.

    Using the customer intelligence process to analyze data is extremely important for continually meeting the specific needs of today’s consumers. companies that can successfully integrate this method of data analyzation may be able to gain a competitive advantage.

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