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    Apple Goes Social with Artificial Intelligence in Data Mining, Buying Topsy

    The usually less-than-social Apple, Inc. took a large step into the social media arena recently by acquiring Topsy Labs Inc. for over 200 million. According to the Wall Street Journal, the close-lipped company has never been active in the social media sites. However, the purchase of Topsy can help put Apple in touch with the in-crowd. Topsy specializes in using artificial intelligence in data mining to access the more than 500 million tweets a day that take place on the social media giant, Twitter. They then analyzes the information and resells the information to customers. Topsy is one of only a few Twitter partners who have access to this information.

    The reasons behind the purchase have not been confirmed by Apple, who claim that they purchase smaller technology companies, but do not disclose their plans for them. However, there could be many benefits for Apple from this purchase. With Topsy’s ability to data mine everything from the most popular songs tweeted, the most influential people tweeting, important events, and more, Apple can utilize this information in marketing their services, promoting music and movies in their iTunes media store, even improve the responses from their voice assistant, Siri.

    The past performance of Apple on the social networks have been unsuccessful, such as the failed music-sharing service, Ping, that closed last year. Purchasing Topsy may be another step forward after their recent changes to make it easier to share photos and messages on the social media sites. Topsy will also enable Apple to hear what people are saying about them, something they seemed to have ignored in the past. Opening their ears to the pulse of the social media sites is an important step forward for Apple.

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