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    We have a Unique Perspective on Data Management Strategy.

    At the core of who we are is a deep appreciation of data management strategy, and the ways it affects how an organization interacts with its data.

    First, there are technical and physical requirements around how data is gathered, shared and used. But there is also the human element to consider. Despite the best intentions, people tend to push against, work around, and overcome the limitations and rules governing data. By doing so, they can start to create irregularities in how and where data is created, stored and used in the organization — and this dynamic is a key source of issues around data quality.

    To get the results you seek from your data management strategy, you need insights into both the technical and the human side of the equation — and the ability to collaborate in the space between them. We’ve reflected this understanding in our company name, a melding of the binary, technical aspects of data and the needs of the people who create and use it.

    Driving value at every level

    We’ve designed our firm to address needs at all levels of our client’s organization, from the CEO and CFO to technicians and data analysts. We’re as comfortable addressing enterprise-wide data management strategy concerns as we are working to resolve highly technical issues involving a specific set of data.

    In addition, we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and throw ourselves into the process. As a result, we have earned a reputation for gathering meaningful insights about our client’s data (i.e., metadata) from the people who have the best insights — and implementing advanced solutions to increase the business value the data provides.

    The bottom line for us: where and how can we help our client realize the greatest return on its data? Our methodology is custom-designed to help us deliver this result consistently, regardless of the scope of the data challenge facing our client.