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    We offer a better path from data asset management to value.

    The management team of Data Clairvoyance has decades of experience in the use, analysis and refinement of data. Over time, we have developed a proven methodology for helping organizations introduce new data asset management approaches and methodologies to maximize the quality of their data — and the value they derive from it.

    We have earned a reputation for providing expert data asset management services to help some of the largest organizations, across a wide variety of industries and sectors, become more data-centric.

    Broad insights and focused solutions

    Our data asset management engagements run the gamut. Sometimes we are tasked with helping organizations examine their entire data lineage to find ways to improve how data is used and transformed as it moves through the organization. In other engagements, we may work to address problems found in very specific sets of data that are impacting an organization’s financial performance, customer service, product support or other fundamental processes.

    Ultimately we are in business to help our clients find a better way to interact with and protect the integrity of their data — and in the process, enable them to achieve their corporate and financial goals. Using our proprietary data asset management methodology, we make sure that the client not only gains insights into the financial value of their data, but also deploys its data stewards and other resources accordingly.