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    Using Metadata to Defend Against Data Breaches and Information Risk

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    Using Data Valuation to Unlock Business Insights

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    Data quality effects on overall labor productivity


    Structured data growth every year


    Companies in regulated industries will have a CDO by 2017

    We provide enterprise data management,
    to unlock new worlds of value within your data

    At Data Clairvoyance, we provide smart enterprise data management to help organizations unlock and leverage the full value of their data. In the process, we help optimize the quality and reliability of your data — and deliver the tools and processes you need to effectively manage it on an ongoing basis.

    Offering deep expertise in enterprise data management and data governance, we also help organizations establish a new function within the enterprise: the Office of Data. This unique function is tasked with data governance, metadata management, data quality and data architecture — all the processes needed to optimize the accuracy and efficient use of data throughout the organization.

    With extensive experience helping Fortune 500 organizations, we offer a variety of advanced services and products for effective enterprise data management. As a result, we help clients not only facilitate more efficient day-to-day operations, but also provide management with the data they need for better decision-making.